Motion Modeling project aims to provide a full MDA environement as an eclipse plugin.

Motion Modeling is still under development but developers can start to use it for designing models that can be used as an AndromMDA input.

Motion Modeling v0.1d3 is out!!! - Please, look at the new screenshots.

You can also have a look to the README file if you want further informations about Motion Modeling.


You can download Motion Modeling from here.

The current version is 0.1d3.

You can choose to download the standalone plugin then put it in your eclipse installation (GEF is required) or download a version of eclipse bundled with Motion Modeling for windows or linux.

  Don't hesitate to ask questions on mailing lists are also availables.    



The Roadmap


Planned release date: 15 December 2005

New features:

  • Class diagram display packages (childrens are synchronized with semantic model - class diagram can be used to set namespace).
  • Class diagram display associations mulitiplicity,
  • Association-ends and associations are selectable and specifiable in a class diagram
  • Association-ends and associations labels (names and multiplicity) are moveable with "connection reminder"
  • All UML1.4 children of dependencies (abstraction...) support
  • UML14 Profile support (importing a resource in an existing modeling package)
  • UML14 CommonProfil extension point support
  • androMDA CommonProfil extension.
  • UML141.4 CommonProfile extension.
  • Simple constrain support (without syntax checking...)


  • Improve UI when connecting two classifiers in a class diagrams
  • Solve diagram deletion bug in diagram tree view
  • switch to eclipse 3.2 (depending on dates)
  • Solve EditDomain Bug of diagram editors and palette
  • Synchonize editor title and diagram name

Code maturity:

  • Better editPolicy management in diagram editors
  • Separate DiagramPaletteAction into two extension points: DiagramPaletteCreationAction and DiagramPaletteConnectionAction
  • Put an eclipse projects motionmodeling_exemples containing some xmi files.

Project maturity:

  • Define final v0.1 roadmap
  • Publish a tutorial on how to create an androMDA compliant model
  • Release: validate files, update readme, website and screenshoots...


  Motion Modeling is published under terms of GPL license.